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Category: Speed Boat Excursions


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Blue cave is situated on the Bisevo island (5.8 sq. kilometres) about five kilometres south west from Vis island. The central part is fertile field while the rest of the island is covered with macchia or rocks. On the north of the island there is a dense pine forest.
The settlements on the island are: Potok, Polje, Nevaja, Mezuporat and Salbunara. There are a few caves on the island, out of which Modra Spilja (name in Croatian ) is the most famous.
Around noon, when the sea is calm, sunbeams that penetrate through the submarine opening in the Cave, reflect from the white bottom floor and colour the cave in blue and objects in the water in silver.
The cave is accessible since 1884, and approach is possible only by boat. The coastal sea belt is rich fishing area.


  • 08:00 H

    departure from Trogir (from Split 08:30-08:45)

  • 11:00 H

    arrival on Bisevo, visiting Blue Cave, entrance with fishing boat.
    *depending on the number of visitors we can’t say exact how long will it take

  • 12:30 H

    Navigating 20 minutes and arrival to the bay Stiniva -free time, swimming

  • 14:00 H

    15 minutes of navigation to the Green Cave

  • 14:45 H

    one hour of navigation to the bay Palmizana – free time, possibility having lunch

  • 19:00 H / 19:30 H

    return to Split
    return to Trogir

PRICE 106€ / person

In price included: fuel, skipper, insurance, VAT ( 25%), K-way jacket, safety equipment, water for drink

Disclaimer: we are openminded to personalize the excursion according the preferences and wishes of the guests. Timing can’t be fixed beacuse of different factors which have influence as weather and sea conditions, number of people waiting for entrance in the parks, museums atc.

Note:the tickets for the entrance in National park are not included in price, the entrance in the cave is only possible with special boats of the National Park